Travel Lansing Michigan On A Family Vacation And Visit These Top Attractions

Technically located within three counties, the capital city of MI is a great place to explore. Lansing ranks #5 on the list of the largest cities in The Great Lakes State. It is a metropolitan city, and one of its nicknames is The Heart of Michigan. A cultural and historical hub, Lansing is a wonderful city for an adventurous vacation.

Potter Park Zoo can be one of your stops. Its location is 1301 South Pennsylvania Avenue, and there are over 100 species of animals housed there. It may be a smaller zoo in comparison to say Detroit Zoo, but it’s going to make for a nice family visit. There is an arctic fox, a snow leopard, bald eagles and so much more. With Potter Parker Zoo featuring a more intimate setting, you really get to learn a lot about the animals via guides that truly care about the place and its visitors.

Old Town Lansing on East Grand River Avenue is one place you will want to stop in the capital city. There are some great shops and some great restaurants there. One of the dining establishments has kind of a quirky name, Punk Taco, and it is really neat according to reviews. You might want to take the kids to the cute little pet store that is there. Sir Pizza is also a popular stop. Old Town is a great historic area of Lansing to visit and have fun for hours.

Next up maybe you want to spend some time with the family at Hawk Island Park. This wonderful park features a splash pad for the kids, and there is also a small area for swimming. Plus, you can have fun on the paddle boats there, too. You will find Hawk Island Park at 1601 East Cavanaugh Road, and you can spend some time on the lake. It almost seems like anywhere you go in The Great Lakes State you can spend some time on the lake, but this is a great destination indeed.

Woldumare Nature Center is also a great place to take the family. Located at 5739 Old Lansing Road, this nature center features rather long trails that are beautiful. Some people even plan weddings there according to the reviews. While you’re out in nature when enjoying this wildlife spot, you’re also not far away from the city. This is just part of what makes Woldumare Nature Center a great stop on your family vacation in Lansing MI.

You might want to visit The Michigan Princess, too. You get to cruise the river, and you can enjoy all kinds of entertainment while you’re aboard. There is even an interactive murder mystery dinner experience that is available. Make your way to Grand River Park and see what all you get into aboard The MI Princess.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time traveling The Great Lakes State, you definitely want to stop by its capital city. Lansing is gorgeous and features so many wonderful things to do. Enjoy your travels with your family and these wonderful attractions that Lansing MI has to offer.