The Rising Property Markets of Vietnam

The easternmost country within the Indochina Peninsula (situated in Southeast Asia) is Vietnam. Officially known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, it has China to the north, Cambodia to the southwest, Laos to the northwest, and Malaysia is situated across the South China Sea. Hanoi has been the capital of Vietnam since the North and South were reunited back in 1975. According to a report that was published by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Vietnam is likely to be the fastest growing of all the world’s emerging economies by the year 2025. The potential growth rate touted by the report was almost 10% in real dollar terms. Another report forecast, published by HSBC, stated that the economy of Vietnam might surpass the economy of Portugal, Singapore, and Norway by 2050.

Needless to say, Vietnam is one of the hottest places to invest in right now. The property markets are on the rise, creating the perfect opportunity for keen investors. If you are looking to make money in foreign property markets, these Asian markets are the perfect option. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should invest your money in Vietnam.

Suitable for Both Long-term and Short-term Goals

Foreign property investors generally follow a long-term or a short-term strategy for making money. Long-term investments are those that you would plan to hold for a year or more. If there’s an up-and-coming property project, you could make an investment there. By the time the project is finished, its value will have more than doubled, resulting in a sizeable profit. However, long-term investors generally have to be very patient for long periods of time. It represents a bigger risk, since the property values might tank due to political instability or other unforeseen reasons.

On the other hand, short-term investments are quite different. While they yield smaller returns, short-term investments are also much more secure; with little risk involved. Since Vietnam uses centrally planned economic five-year plans, it’s a great location for both long and short-term investors.

Easy to Invest

Vietnam is one of the countries that have welcomed foreign investment. If you want to invest in their property sector, you can easily get in touch with a property agent such as Dot Property VN. You can browse through their site to check out the many different properties that are up for sale in Vietnam. Before investing in any project in the country, it’s best to read a bit about the company spearheading the development. This will give you a better idea about the legitimacy and prospects of the project.

The Importance of Information

Despite being one of the hottest property markets in the Asia, you need to be careful when investing your money in Vietnam. It’s best to invest money in major cities; such as Hanoi. This will minimise your chances of risk. Moreover, property values in major cities are likely to rise higher as compared to smaller properties in the suburbs. Carefully read about different property projects before investing your money anywhere.